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Tag: thyroid cancer

23-CNR-3968658-CQD-Hero-650×450 Dr Scharpf
July 31, 2023/Cancer

Better Risk-Stratification for an Aggressive Thyroid Tumor

Dynamic risk assessment may aid clinicians in helping support informed treatment decisions

Dr. Silver
May 19, 2023/Cancer

Advanced Thyroid Cancer: Combined Transcervical and Transthoracic Surgical Approaches

A new study indicates that the combined approaches can be performed without mortality and with acceptable morbidity

April 25, 2023/Cancer

Data Point to Progress in Treating Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

New research provides clinical insight into prognostic factors

May 4, 2020/Cancer

Study Finds a High Rate of Intra- and Post-operative Conversions to Total Thyroidectomy

A significant number of patients initially referred for unilateral thyroid lobectomy end up needing complete thyroidectomy


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July 2, 2018/Cancer

Resection Surgery for Advanced Thyroid Cancers

Planning avoids surprises, improves outcomes

March 27, 2017/Cancer/Genomics

Rarely Studied Gene USF3 Plays Role in Predisposition to Thyroid Cancer

Study of a family with Cowden Syndrome, thyroid cancer

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