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August 2, 2023/Heart Valve Disease

Early Surgery for Isolated Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation Improves Outcomes

Cleveland Clinic study argues against waiting for symptoms to develop

March 17, 2023/Heart Valve Disease

CT Characterization of Venae Cavae Anatomy in Patients With Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation

Understanding VC anatomy is critical for transcatheter tricuspid valve interventions

September 16, 2021/Imaging

In Isolated Tricuspid Regurgitation, CMR and TTE Play Key Complementary Roles

Study identifies imaging parameters for predicting mortality risk

18-HRT-4694-Transcatheter tricuspid valve-650×450

Transcatheter Valved Stent Tames Tricuspid Regurgitation in High-Risk Patients

Insights from Cleveland Clinic specialists pioneering its placement


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