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Squamous Cell carcinoma under microscopy
December 2, 2021/Cancer/Radiation Oncology

Study Identifies Prognostic Subgroups in Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Modification of traditional staging factors associated with survival in high-risk disease


Preserving Kidneys in the Face of Large Complex Tumors and Poor Function

With a careful technique, surgeons can perform PN for tumors once deemed unresectable

January 3, 2018/Cancer/Research

Next-Generation Sequencing of Tumor Tissue Versus Blood in Patients with Advanced Urothelial Cancer

Study examines concordance between commercially available genomic tests

October 27, 2016/Cancer

Custom Prosthesis for Patient with Femoral Chondrosarcoma (Slideshow)

Complete resection of tumor cells requires novel reconstruction


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May 8, 2015/Cancer

How Data Are Enabling Targeted Therapy for Pediatric Malignancies

Progress lies in networked collection and analysis

March 5, 2015/Cancer

Saving as Many Nephrons as Possible

In Partial Nephrectomy, Surgical Precision is Key to Ultimate Renal Function

February 19, 2015/Orthopaedics/Tumor

Fortunately, Enchondroma Lesions Are Rarely Malignant

But their discovery still warrants vigilant follow up

February 13, 2015/Cancer

Use of Heat Ablation for Genitourinary Tumors is Growing

Technique is a promising alternative to surgery or radiation therapy

December 19, 2014/Cancer

MRI-Guided Biopsy Unmasks Cause of Subtle Infiltrative Bone Lesions

Hip pain case illustrates limitations of CT guidance

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