Vital Stats in Adult Cardiac Surgery, Ischemic Heart Disease and Vascular Disease

Our latest volume and outcomes data in infographic form

Below we share recent volumes and outcomes from a sampling of centers in Cleveland Clinic’s Miller Family Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute.


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In-Hospital Mortality, First Half of 2022 (1/1/2022-6/30/2022)

tabular chart showing mortality rates for heart operations

STS = Society of Thoracic Surgeons; ACC = American College of Cardiology; TVT = Transcatheter Valve Therapy
CABG = coronary artery bypass grafting; AVR = aortic valve replacement; MVRR = mitral valve repair/replacement; TAVR = transcatheter aortic valve replacement; MVR = mitral valve replacement


Surgical Treatment

1,593 CABG volume in 2021:
831 isolated CABG | 762 CABG + other | 159 (10%) were reoperations

In-Hospital Mortality Data

tabular chart showing mortality rates for heart operations

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)

1,639 Coronary interventions in 2021
45% Same-day discharge rate for elective PCI cases in 2021

1.81% PCI risk-adjusted in-hospital mortality (all patients), vs. 2.47% for similar hospitals
5.29% PCI risk-adjusted in-hospital mortality for STEMI patients, vs. 8.10% for similar hospitals

(Source: National Cardiovascular Data Registry, CathPCI Registry®, American College of Cardiology Foundation, for rolling four-quarter period through Q4 2021)

55 min Median time to PCI for STEMI patients in 2021 (vs. goal of < 90 min)
98.3% Proportion of STEMI patients receiving PCI within 90 minutes in 2021

STEMI = ST-elevation myocardial infarction



In-Hospital Mortality for Various Vascular Surgery Procedures

tabular chart showing mortality rates for vascular operations

2021 Mortality Rates for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Repair

2.7% Elective open AAA repair (N = 113)
11.5% Emergency open AAA repair (N = 26)
0.8% Elective endovascular AAA repair (N = 119)
20% Emergency endovascular AAA repair (N = 15)

Volume Snapshots

6,997 Vascular surgery procedures performed in greater Cleveland region in 2021
57,029 Noninvasive vascular lab ultrasound studies performed in greater Cleveland region in 2021

Cleveland Clinic’s Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute has a long-standing tradition of reporting volume and outcomes data across its various subspecialty areas. For more information like the data reported above, visit and

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