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Matthew Kroh, MD with surgeons
July 5, 2024/Digestive/Innovation

How the Digestive Disease Innovations Program Empowers Caregivers to Be Ambassadors for Innovation

Insights from Cleveland Clinic’s Vice Chair of Innovation and Technology

January 21, 2022/Digestive/Innovation

How We’re Powering Up Innovation in the Digestive Disease & Surgery Institute

New Vice Chair of Innovation and Technology Dr. Matthew Kroh talks about device development, robotics, artificial intelligence and nurturing a culture of innovation

Virtual coaching
April 16, 2020/COVID-19

Telehealth for Gastroenterology Patients: Past the Pandemic

Patient and physician friendly format is here to stay


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The Featured Image for the post
August 5, 2019/Digestive/Innovation

Watch the Recap of Our First Fetal Surgery Case (Video)

A concise summary of an historic operation

Medications in the ICU. Medicinal lines next to patient bed
May 20, 2019/Digestive/Innovation

Data Confirms That Medical Intensive Liver Unit Improves Survival

Multidisciplinary patient management, standardized care contribute to success

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