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Virtual Visits Streamline Care in Specific Areas of Pain Management

Telehealth aids in treatment of fibromyalgia and median arcuate ligament syndrome

diabetic neuropathy
August 30, 2023/Diabetes & Endocrinology

Significant Relief for Some With Diabetic Neuropathy

Spinal cord stimulation can help those who are optimized for success


Expanding Holistic Pain Management

Program enhances cooperation between traditional and non-pharmacologic care

thoracic outlet syndrome illustration

Precision Care for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Pain specialists can play a role in identifying surgical candidates


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Christina Shin, MD
October 25, 2022/Orthopaedics

A Team Approach to Intractable Patellofemoral Pain

Sometimes inappropriately called a syndrome, this knee condition can pose diagnostic challenges


How to Do Better With CDC Opioid Guidelines

Clinical judgment is foundational to appropriately prescribing

peripheral nerve stimulation device

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation May Offer Long-Term Relief for Chronic Pain Patients

The device is a less invasive alternative for patients who are struggle with chronic pain

Patient communication

New Wellness Project Focuses on Educating, Empowering Pain Patients

The Four Pillar Project provides physicians with evidence-based talking points to quickly identify problem areas and educate patients to optimize important aspects of their health.

Benjamin Abraham MD in virtual visit

The Future of Virtual Care for Pain Patients

The COVID-19 pandemic saw an increased usage of virtual visits, but what’s the long-term outlook for this model of care?

Antero-posterior and lateral images of sacroplasty technique

Patient With Breast Cancer and Pathological Sacral Fractures Finds Pain Relief

When conservative approaches don’t work, it may be time to turn to sacroplasty

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