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December 9, 2022/New Services & Programs

New Center Will Support Diabetes and Obesity Research Initiatives

Through collaboration, the Center for Quantitative Metabolic Research will help improve Cleveland Clinic’s standing as a leader for Type 2 diabetes and obesity research

October 31, 2022/News

New Guidelines Broaden Patients’ Eligibility for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Expert panel endorses greater access based on research showing procedures’ safety and efficacy

22-DDI-2987571 Bariatric surgery and cancer research – Aminian_Nissen_650x450
September 8, 2022/Digestive

Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery in Adolescents Is Effective but Underutilized

Efforts continue to encourage consideration for select candidates

22-DDI-2987571 Bariatric surgery and cancer research – Aminian_Nissen_650x450
June 9, 2022/Cancer

Bariatric Surgery Substantially Lowers Risk of Obesity-Related Cancers

Study shows linkage between weight loss amount and degree of benefit


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November 6, 2019/Research

Liver Steatosis in Type 2 Diabetes is a Predictor of Improved Glycemic Outcomes after Bariatric Surgery

Research suggests T2D variants with differing metabolic responses to gastric bypass

October 30, 2019/Best Practices

Bariatric Surgeons Collaborate with Endocrinologists and Diabetes Specialists to Optimize Outcomes

Full circle multidisciplinary care for patients with complex comorbidities

January 31, 2019/Research

STAMPEDE Subanalysis Shows Cardiovascular Benefits After Bariatric Surgery

Key cardiac biomarkers see favorable changes

November 13, 2018/Research

Bariatric Surgery Patients Fare Better After Heart Attacks and Strokes

Mortality risk drops and length-of-stay decreases

18-DDI-4863 Hero Image 650x450pxl
August 17, 2018/Diabetes & Endocrinology

Why Sleeve Gastrectomy Has Become the Most Common Bariatric Surgical Procedure

Results of a comprehensive review of research and outcomes

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