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photo of woman looking anxious on a couch
February 22, 2024/Neurosciences/Neuromuscular

Success of POTS Treatment Reduced by Concurrent Anxiety

Guidance from an expert on distinguishing — and co-managing — the disorders

April 4, 2023/Behavioral Health

Renewed Interest in Psychedelic Treatment for Behavioral Health Conditions (Podcast)

Research shows promise for use in therapeutic settings to manage depression, PTSD, anxiety and more

23-HVI-3673793 psych-distress-in-elderly_650x450
March 24, 2023/Behavioral Health

Study Evaluates Novel Protocol to Identify Anxiety and Depression in Pulmonary Embolism Survivors

Formal assessment aimed at unmasking psychological distress following PE treatment

Dad looks stressed while working from home with child during COVID-19 pandemic

How to Reduce Parenting Stress and Support Parents in Caring for Their Child

Making accommodations for parents’ stress and mental health can pull everyone together as a team


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20-NEU-2032123 suicide-screening-youth-with-epilepsy_650x450

Study Suggests Role for Suicide Screening in All Youths With Epilepsy

Suicidality reported by over 10% of pediatric epilepsy patients with no mental health history

December 17, 2020/Leadership

Medical Professionals at Heightened Risk for Psychological Distress This Winter

Tips for safeguarding your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

June 29, 2020/COVID-19

Adolescent Mental Health During COVID-19

Managing anxiety and risk-taking behavior

May 5, 2020/Behavioral Health

COVID-19’s Challenges Can Ultimately Make Behavioral Health Offerings Stronger

Lessons in meeting unique provider needs and deepening virtual connections

January 20, 2020/Pediatrics/News & Insights

Depression, Anxiety and ADHD in Youth with Cardiac Arrhythmias

Youth with cardiac arrhythmias at significantly higher risk

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