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June 18, 2021/Cardiac Surgery

Cleveland Clinic at 100: Stopping the Heart Starts a New Surgical Era

A seminal 1956 operation introduced the potential of potassium-induced cardioplegia

Vintage nursing photo

The Evolution of Nurses as Leaders of Patient Care

A new age in practice, physician partnerships and more

Electron microscopy of glomerulus from patient with lupus
March 5, 2021/News & Insights

A Century of Caring for Patients With Rheumatologic Conditions

From methotrexate for RA, to the treatment of HIV and multicenter randomized trials, Cleveland Clinic has long been at the forefront in the field of rheumatology

February 23, 2021/Insight & Perspectives

Cleveland Clinic: The Future of Healthcare Since 1921

How an idea forged in war transformed healthcare around the world


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February 19, 2021/Insight & Perspectives

Cleveland Clinic at 100: A Novel Practice Model Shapes a Century of Cardiovascular Care

How our first century has impacted cardiovascular practice


The Next 100 Years: Cleveland Clinic Announces New Mission Statement

Cleveland Clinic celebrates its centennial year in 2021

January 25, 2021/News & Insight

The Cancer Center and Cleveland Clinic’s Centennial

Reflecting on our progress and potential

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