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March 7, 2023/Preventive Cardiology

Targeting Inflammation Is Best Way to Reduce Residual Risk in Statin-Treated Patients, Study Suggests

Inflammation found more predictive of events than LDL-C in pooled analysis of RCTs

March 4, 2023/Preventive Cardiology

CLEAR Outcomes: Bempedoic Acid Reduces Cardiovascular Events in Statin-Intolerant Patients

Findings bolster the oral drug as an option for primary and secondary prevention

October 26, 2021/Preventive Cardiology

Statin Intolerance and New Lipid-Lowering Treatments

Updated guidance on identification and strategies for management

November 15, 2018/News & Insights

AHA 2018 Essentials: Dr. Steve Nissen on What Mattered Most (Video)

Cholesterol guideline, vitamin D, REDUCE-IT and lipoprotein(a)


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Reducing Cholesterol Could Enhance T-Cell Cancer Immunotherapy

Tc9 cells have less intracellular cholesterol than other T cells

December 4, 2017/Research

People with Diabetes May Be Missing Out on HDL Cardiovascular Protections

Glycation lowers ApoA1 stability, destroys HDL in T2DM

August 4, 2017/Insight & Perspectives

The Scourge of Statin Denial: A Portrait in Numbers (Infographic)

The stakes of — and reasons behind — the ‘cult of statin denial’

Farmers Market Shopping Mature Woman

Diet and Pain

How patients can reduce pain with better eating

August 18, 2015/News & Insights

Approval of First PCSK9 Inhibitor Marks New Era (Video)

How it fits into today’s cholesterol-lowering practice

June 12, 2015/Research

PCSK9 Inhibitors Edge Closer to FDA Approval

A new option for patients who need more than statins

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