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Liver laparoscopy
June 28, 2023/Research

Laparoscopic Left-Lobe Hepatectomy a Safe, Effective Approach for Living Donor Liver Transplantation

Cleveland Clinic study shows positive outcomes for donors and recipients

Using laparoscopic instruments: Ultrasonic energy device and flexible 3-D scopes.
December 7, 2022/Research

Laparoscopic Approach Aids Recovery after Living Donor Hepatectomy for Liver Transplantation

Program expands as data continues to show improved outcomes

March 16, 2021/Transplant

How to Build a Successful Laparoscopic Living-Donor Hepatectomy Program

Cleveland Clinic’s team reviews progress and offers guidance

October 30, 2019/Surgery

First Purely Laparoscopic Living Donor Hepatectomy for Liver Transplant is a Landmark for Cleveland Clinic

Technically demanding procedure reduces morbidity and recovery time for donors


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