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November 10, 2023/Research

Researchers Analyze How COVID-19 Affected Z-Drug Prescribing Patterns With and Without Opioids

Study sheds light on how clinicians addressed their patients’ pain and insomnia during the pandemic

August 1, 2023/Behavioral Health

Hybrid CBT-I Model Expands Access to Behavioral Sleep Care for Patients With Insomnia

Combining group telehealth sessions with one-on-one sessions shortens time to follow-up care

February 16, 2023/Podcast

Differential Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders in Adults (Podcast)

Insights into the six major categories of sleep disorders

HNS device implantation
March 3, 2022/Research

Considering HNS as an Alternative for PAP When Treating OSA

New findings suggest that the therapy is associated with sustained improvements regarding insomnia, depression and quality of life


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September 22, 2021/Behavioral Health

Novel Hybrid Model of CBT Delivery for Insomnia Offers Best of All Worlds

Pilot program reveals shortened wait times, increased access


Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tool Combats Insomnia in Chronic Disease Patients

‘Go! To Sleep’ CBT-I program brings insomnia therapy close to home

April 22, 2018/Research

High Prevalence of Insomnia and Sleep Apnea Found Among Patients with Diverse Neuro Diseases

Should sleep history be incorporated into routine neurological care?


What Should Pediatricians Do When Their Patients Can’t Sleep?

A conversation with a sleep disorders specialist

January 26, 2016/Advancing Patient Care

Insomnia in the Elderly

Addressing the issue for better quality of life

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