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Rheumatology case conference meeting
January 18, 2023/Rheumatic Diseases

Weekly Case Conferences Make for Engaged Learning

A century-old medical tradition inspired the weekly complex-case reviews in Rheumatology

November 6, 2020/Nephrology

Why Aren’t More Residents Choosing Nephrology?

Survey explores trainees’ exposure to and perceptions of the specialty

July 16, 2020/Leadership

Priority: Teaching Empathy to Medical Students

A trait that elevates physicians in the eyes of patients and colleagues

June 4, 2020/News & Insights

Innovations in Rheumatology Education

Varied platforms maximize opportunities for interactive, problem-based learning


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April 24, 2019/Leadership

Simulated Learning Gaining Popularity for Medical Students Interested in Ob/Gyn Practice

Teaching students without compromising patient safety

Synder and Mihaljevic
March 29, 2019/Leadership Highlights

Health Education Campus to Eliminate Physical Barriers Between Long-Time Collaborators

Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic share vision of transforming medical education

August 30, 2018/Leadership

Virtual Reality Enables First-of-Its-Kind Clinical Anatomy Curriculum

Partnership brings the clinical environment to the classroom


Hands-on HIPEC Course and Anatomy Lab

Don’t miss this educational opportunity

November 8, 2017/Bioethics

Wherefore Art Thou, Empathy?

What is it, and where did it go?

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