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19-CNR-4145 Merkel cell carcinoma 650×450
March 27, 2020/Cancer/Research

Researchers Unlock Keys to Staging and Risk Stratification of Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Leveraging the prognostic significance of sentinel lymph node biopsy histologic patterns

3D structure of melanoma cell
March 5, 2020/Cancer/Research

Assessing Outcomes for Patients with Uveal Melanoma Metastatic to the Liver

Early screening, first-line therapy choice critical

August 8, 2018/Cancer/Genomics

The Genetics and Genomics of Melanoma

An expert sheds light on emerging knowledge


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Metastatic melanoma cells. Image source: National Cancer Institute
June 2, 2018/Cancer/Research

Familial Melanoma Diagnosis Can Signal Higher Risk for Other Cancers

Many genetic alterations were related to other malignancies

January 3, 2018/Cancer/Research

Next-Generation Sequencing of Tumor Tissue Versus Blood in Patients with Advanced Urothelial Cancer

Study examines concordance between commercially available genomic tests

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