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Pilot Study to Target Sex-Based Differences in Alzheimer’s Disease

Plasma proteome analysis aimed at identifying candidate blood-based biomarkers in women

23-CNR-3647478-CQD-Hero-650×450 Dr Scott Dr Scarborough
April 27, 2023/Cancer/Genomics

Gene Expression Signature Predicts Patients’ Response to Cisplatin

Research enables precision medicine beyond patients with changed mutational status

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Unlocking Precision Medicine in RVO: When Anti-VEGF Therapy Isn’t Effective

Intraretinal fluid volumes and other features detectable with OCT may help predict treatment response


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Dr. Brian T. Hill
December 14, 2022/Cancer/Research

Precision Medicine Approach Needed to Treat Subgroups of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Distinct molecular features found in five subtypes of disease

22-NEU-2638258 genetics_650x450
August 8, 2022/Genomic Medicine

The Case for a Precision Medicine Approach to Training Epilepsy Clinicians

New Cleveland Clinic fellowship fosters expertise in the genetics of epilepsy

Genomic Laboratory Equipment

New Collaboration Moves the Needle on Precision Medicine

Cleveland Clinic and PGDx employ liquid biopsy technology to enhance patient care and research

February 22, 2021/Geriatrics

In Search of Disease-Modifying Treatment for Alzheimer’s (Podcast)

An update on biomarkers and various therapies in development

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