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August 11, 2022/Advancing Patient Care

Novel Geriatric Care Model Aims to Align Treatment With Patients’ Personal Goals

Study highlights importance of responsive, customized approach

Transgender clinic
June 24, 2021/Best Practices

Taking a Multidisciplinary Approach to Transgender Care

Following a PCP referral, patients often meet with several specialists, including an endocrinologist who helps them achieve their GAHT goals

Hearing loss test
February 17, 2021/Geriatrics

Identifying Hearing Loss Earlier and Easier With Technology

Collaborative Cleveland Clinic Audiology/Geriatrics/Primary Care team has been awarded grant funding to improve the hearing screening process in primary care

February 12, 2021/Geriatrics

From the Patient in Front of You to a 2,000-Patient Panel

How primary care practice has changed in the last decade


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December 5, 2018/Quality

Navigating Patients Through a Complex Care System

Helping patients stay in network and get the care they need

April 10, 2018/Research

‘Real-World’ Comparison of Diabetes Care by Provider Type

Nurse-led study shows value of APN care

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