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November 10, 2023/Research

Researchers Analyze How COVID-19 Affected Z-Drug Prescribing Patterns With and Without Opioids

Study sheds light on how clinicians addressed their patients’ pain and insomnia during the pandemic

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April 29, 2022/Research

Exploring the Relationship Between Sleep Amount and Type 1 Diabetes

New findings indicate the importance of achieving sufficient sleep levels in regard to personal glucose targets

Patient communication

New Wellness Project Focuses on Educating, Empowering Pain Patients

The Four Pillar Project provides physicians with evidence-based talking points to quickly identify problem areas and educate patients to optimize important aspects of their health.

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May 21, 2021/Brain Health

The Role of Circadian Rhythm and Sleep Dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Pathophysiology

New insights into shared inflammatory pathways and immune responses


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September 20, 2019/Insight & Perspectives

Sleep and Its Centrality to Brain Health (Podcast)

Neuro Pathways podcast episode shares emerging insights — plus tips for better sleep


Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene After Another Study Links Poor Sleep to Heart Risk

Cardiologists offer professionals guidance for better sleep

June 7, 2018/Research

Are Allergies Disrupting Your Patients’ Sleep?

Study looks at allergic rhinitis and poor subjective sleep

August 24, 2015/Neurosciences

Inspire: A New Option for Your Patients with OSA

New neurostimulation technology now available

Just five more minutes
July 2, 2015/Wellness

The Well-Rested Nurse

14 tips for increasing the quality of your sleep

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