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Tag: thrombosis

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Platelet Olfactory Receptor Identified as Possible AAA Biomarker and Treatment Target

Investigations on platelet/aneurysm interactions lead to $2.6 million NIH grant

Depiction of a blood clot forming inside a blood vessel. 3D illustration

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors May Enhance Cancer-Associated Thrombosis

Common cancer therapy increases serious risks in murine models

October 26, 2020/COVID-19

Thrombotic Events in Symptomatic COVID-19: New Data Suggest Potentially Attenuated Risk

Our early experience shows lower-than-reported incidence, hints at role for neutrophilia

August 15, 2018/Cancer/Research

Researchers Receive $4.7M NIH Grant to Prevent Cancer-Associated Thrombosis

Consortium aims to reduce life-threatening side effect of therapy


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Nonlethal Targeting of Gut Microbes Inhibits Thrombosis with Minimal Bleeding Risk

Mouse study shows most potent therapeutic ‘drugging’ of microbiome to date

Gut Microbe-Dependent TMAO Promotes Platelet Hyperreactivity, Raises Thrombosis Risk

Gut Microbe-Dependent TMAO Promotes Platelet Hyperreactivity, Raises Thrombosis Risk

Study raises prospect of new mechanism for preventing thrombotic events

August 3, 2015/Cancer/News & Insight

Doing More Is Not Always Better

An NEJM Editorial

May 30, 2015/Cancer/Research

Study Finds New Predictors of Recurring Cancer-Specific Thrombosis

Researchers see patient subgroups with higher clot risk


3 Takes on 3 Emerging Strategies for Preventing Restenosis After Percutaneous Vascular Intervention

Drug-coated balloons, vascular brachytherapy, refining duration of dual antiplatelet therapy

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