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September 19, 2023/Ophthalmology Research

Could Inflammation Be the Reason Why Human Retinas Don’t Regenerate?

Researchers to study retinal regeneration in zebrafish with new grant from National Eye Institute

22-EYE-3049477 New findings in retinal regeneration-Perkins-650×450-4
August 3, 2022/Ophthalmology Research

Restoring the Retina: How to Regenerate Photoreceptors in Inherited Retinal Dystrophy

Notch pathway inhibition preserves retinal neurons and promotes regrowth in zebrafish

Zebrafish embryo
December 31, 2020/Cancer

Zebrafish Models Fuel Study of Pediatric Neutropenias

Unique model is an excellent genetic animal model for study of lethal diseases

Zebrafish embryo

Team Creates Novel Zebrafish Model to Study Ewing Sarcoma

Paucity of models hinders development of treatments for this lethal disease


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November 29, 2016/Ophthalmology Research

Regenerating the Retina

Characterizing the retina’s injury response

January 14, 2015/Ophthalmology Research

Applying Retinal Regeneration in Zebrafish to Humans

Researchers aim to stop visual scarring in the human eye

cole eye zebra fish study
December 10, 2014/Ophthalmology Research

Basic Research: Tracking Down the Causes of Ciliopathies

Useful zebrafish model drives progress

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