Why It’s Time to Dispel Myths About Bariatric Surgery For Our Patients

Innovative whiteboard videos for patients & physicians

One of Dr. Stacy Brethauer’s main goals as President of the ASMBS has been to find a compelling way to educate the masses about bariatric surgery. This inspired him to help develop a series of whiteboard videos, now online on the ASMBS’s website.

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“The goal of these whiteboard talks is to help normalize bariatric surgery, dispel myths about what we do, and help people understand the risks of denying their obesity,” Dr. Brethauer explains. “I hope physicians can also use these tools as part of their conversation with patients as they decide whether bariatric surgery is right for them.”

Dr. Brethauer is a bariatric surgeon in Cleveland Clinic’s Digestive Disease & Surgery Institute. Follow him at ObesityWeek 2017 on Twitter: @StacyBrethauer

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