Cleveland Clinic Children’s 2022 Year in Review

Cleveland Clinic Children’s is proud to share highlights from 2022. Our skilled multidisciplinary team is committed to advancing care through novel, lifesaving interventions, innovative research approaches, and insights into complex and challenging cases. 

Read on for a glimpse into our nationally-ranked programs.

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Clinical and surgical innovations that are changing pediatric care

Heart, Vascular and Thoracic

Congenital Heart Surgeon and Heart Anatomist-Imager Team Up To Improve Surgical Success


Improving Arrhythmia Care Across the Lifespan


Wearable and Noninvasive Biosensors for Children and Adults With Congenital Heart Disease


Fetal Surgery Team Resects Huge Congenital Lung Malformation

infant mortality
Ob/Gyn & Women’s Health

Program Aims to Combat Infant Mortality Rates

Breakthrough clinical and outcomes research


Ganaxolone Effective for Rare Form of Childhood Epilepsy

Gastroenterology, hepatology & nutrition

The Search Continues for Noninvasive Tools to Stage Allograft Fibrosis in Pediatric Patients Following Liver Transplant


G-Tubes and Tracheostomies in Neonates: Trends in Placement and Survival

Physician leadership and trusted clinical insights


Why Are Pediatric Thyroid Cancer Cases on the Rise?


Let’s Talk About Childhood Cancer Survivorship (Podcast)


Deciphering Leg Pain in Children: What’s Normal and What’s Not?

Behavioral Health

‘Pandemic Babies’ Show Neurodevelopmental Differences at 6 Months, Study Finds

Our top video case report for 2022


Case Report: A Teen with Acne and Chest Pain

Progressive chest pain with normal cardiac and pulmonary workups. Find out how this teen's acne becomes the key to unlocking a mysterious diagnosis.
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