Meet Vicki Reed, President-Elect, Cleveland Clinic Women’s Professional Staff Association

Every day is an adventure for this Ob/Gyn

Obstetrics and gynecology was the perfect specialty for Vicki Reed, MD, because she knew every day would present a different adventure. From delivering babies and performing surgeries to managing an office practice and mentoring students — all are her passions.

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“I love the variety — from the excitement of emergency situations to the joy of seeing patients over the course of their life adventures,” says Dr. Reed, President-Elect of Cleveland Clinic’s Women’s Professional Staff Association and Vice Chair of Regional Obstetrics and Gynecology.

She is especially excited by her work as Program Director of the Ob/Gyn & Women’s Health Institute’s residency program and the opportunity to see how residents’ ideas shape the future of medicine. “That fresh enthusiasm is what we need to help us remember why we chose our career!”

Time-saving tips

As a busy practitioner, mother and wife, Dr. Reed has a few tips that help her balance her life.

“Technology offers us many benefits, but it cannot replace the human factor, she says. “The best time-saver for me each day is the awesome team at my Ob/Gyn office (Cleveland Clinic Solon Family Health Center, Solon, Ohio). They know all of my patients, spend extensive time talking through sensitive issues, triage all calls and help to fit patients into busy office schedules.”

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Dr. Reed also cites working with a lead systems analyst in Cleveland Clinic’s Information Technology Division to develop standardized operative notes for the institute. The system covers the five most common procedures performed. “No more dictation — and easy compliance with required guidelines,” Dr. Reed adds.

Why Cleveland Clinic?

“I chose to work at Cleveland Clinic because after two years in private practice, I decided I wanted to practice at an academic center,” notes Dr. Reed, who was appointed to the staff in 2003. “There are always new ways to be involved, get engaged and make a difference.”

A few more interesting things about Dr. Reed

Dr. Reed serves as a coach in Cleveland Clinic’s Advanced Peer Coaching Program. She is married to fellow Cleveland Clinic staff Ob/Gyn Chad Michener, MD, and they have two young daughters.

She also love 90s alternative rock, super-speed Ms. Pac-Man and a night of card games with friends and family.

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What’s a Sunday like for Dr. Reed? “It can range from spending the day on labor and delivery running full speed with our team delivering babies and taking care of new moms, to being home with family hugs, hanging out in pajamas, having coffee and chocolate chip pancakes while everyone chills out,” Dr. Reed says. “Maybe making it to a step class, ideally followed by a good book. And of course, realistically, spending a few hours on Epic.”