Medical illustration of endometriosis

Fertility Preservation for Patients with Endometriosis

Counseling and careful surgical considerations are key

uterine transposition
January 3, 2024/Cancer

Innovative, Collaborative Care for Preserving Fertility

Options expand for patients with cancer and other conditions

Elliott Richards MD
September 26, 2023/Bioethics

Difficult Fertility News Calls for Respecting Individual Experience

Mental health colleagues can provide much-needed perspective

Uterus-Transplant 650×450

What You Need to Know About Intraoperative Uterine Perforations

Guidance for complications that occur during procedures


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uterus transplant

The First Five Years of Uterus Transplantation in the United States

Aggregate data demonstrate a safe and effective treatment for uterine factor infertility

Sperm motility

Sperm Assessment Process Helps Predict Outcomes in Male Factor Fertility Challenges

Stratified sperm count and motility data informs IVF decision-making


AI Tool Shows that Blastocyst Pumping Can Predict Implantation Failure

Study reveals another ranking criterion that may aid in embryo selection

COVID vaccine and fertility
August 25, 2021/COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccines and Fertility

‘The best time to get vaccinated is now’


Endometrial Fluid Profiling May Be a Future Screening Tool for Advanced Endometriosis

Noninvasive aspiration to test for cytokines enhances our understanding of the pathophysiology of endometriosis

vial and syringe

AMH Peptide Mimic May Hold Key to Fertility Preservation in Chemotherapy Patients

Treatment with GnRH agonists may foster a return to menstruation

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