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Sports medicine providers at the stadium preparing for a Premier League match

Inside Sports Medicine for England’s Premier League

A behind-the-scenes look at Cleveland Clinic’s role as medical services provider of the 2023 Summer Series

John Bergfeld, MD

Lessons From 50 Years of ACL Surgery

Sports medicine pioneer John Bergfeld, MD, shares how orthopaedics has changed since doing his first ACL repair in 1970

Asian male rubbing wrist while playing video game

Case Study: Esports Athlete Overcomes Ulnar Nerve Entrapment With Comprehensive Treatment

Rest is often not the best care for gamers’ overuse injuries

A fit sportswoman standing in a gym and taking pre workout pills.

Iron Deficiency: An Under-Recognized Condition in Female Athletes

Risk increases due to dietary restrictions and menstruation


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MRI showing bone bruises
December 30, 2022/Cleveland Clinic Florida

Anterior Tibial Subluxation — Not Knee Rotation — May Be the Primary Mechanism of ACL Tears

Study of bone bruise patterns indicates more medial damage than expected

22-ORI-3198758 CQD 650×450
October 5, 2022/Orthopaedics/Sports Health

Surgery After First-Time Patellar Dislocation May Be the Right Approach in Younger Patients

Youth and open physes are two factors that increase risk of recurrence

Female athlete training her legs in gym while wearing protective face mask

Wearing a Surgical Mask Does Not Impair Exercise Capacity

Study shows no difference in peak force, perceived effort or physiologic measures of exertion during strength testing

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