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John Bergfeld, MD

Lessons From 50 Years of ACL Surgery

Sports medicine pioneer John Bergfeld, MD, shares how orthopaedics has changed since doing his first ACL repair in 1970

23-ORI-4156359 CQD 650×450
September 8, 2023/Orthopaedics/Hip & Knee

BEAR Implant: The Missing Link in Improving ACL Repair

Clot substitute helps rejoin the stumps of a torn ligament

MRI showing bone bruises
December 30, 2022/Cleveland Clinic Florida

Anterior Tibial Subluxation — Not Knee Rotation — May Be the Primary Mechanism of ACL Tears

Study of bone bruise patterns indicates more medial damage than expected


Comprehensive 3-D Imaging Analysis May Predict Risk of Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis Following ACL Repair

Bone-shape changes play a role in the development of arthritis, a new study suggests


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