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November 9, 2023/Eye Care & Treatment

Inflammatory Complications in Retina Clinical Trials: What Are Ophthalmologists Missing?

How to screen for and manage treatment-triggered uveitis

June 19, 2023/Eye Care & Treatment

5 Practical Uses for OCT-A in AMD and Diabetic Retinopathy

Why retina specialists should get comfortable with this imaging tool

21-EYE-2531308_Age Related Macular_99_Hero_650x450
December 30, 2021/Ophthalmology Research

Gene Therapy Surgery: Potential Next Frontier in Geographic Atrophy

Can a single subretinal injection provide effective treatment?


Meet Cole Eye Institute Experts at Our 2019 ARVO Booth Presentations

Learn about clinical, research advances at booth 713


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January 17, 2018/Eye Care & Treatment

When Anti-VEGF Therapy Isn’t Helping, Is Exudative AMD the Right Diagnosis?

Case study: With a constellation of findings, OCTA proves best option in diagnosis

January 31, 2017/Eye Care & Treatment

Better Treatments, Better Treatment Delivery for Wet AMD

Reducing treatment burden and improving vision

January 24, 2017/Eye Care & Treatment

Advances in the Treatment of Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Preventing and treating geographic atrophy

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