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Microbiome, Mycobiome Differences Seen in Overactive Bladder

Could it unlock the potential for new approaches to treatment?

Medical illustration prostate tumor | Cleveland Clinic
May 3, 2023/Cancer

Robotic Radical Prostatectomy in Patients With a Hostile Surgical Abdomen

Using novel robotic approaches for a difficult-to-access prostate


Who Should Have a Radical Nephrectomy in This Era?

AUA guideline offers specific criteria for deciding between partial versus radical nephrectomy

Human kidneys with adrenal glands

New Guideline on Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction Emphasizes Risk Management

A Cleveland Clinic specialist discusses the implications of the first published guideline for NLUTD


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Kidney disease concept. Viral infection. 3d illustration

New Data Show Transplanting Kidneys From Donors With COVID-19 Is Safe

Kidney transplant surgeon Alvin Wee, MD, MBA, presents findings at AUA meeting

Doctor talking to a patient on medical appointment – using protective face mask

Peyronie Disease and Erectile Dysfunction: A Potential New Paradigm

American Urological Association guidelines and clinical expertise help set the stage

3D animation stills
July 13, 2021/Cancer

New AUA Guideline Focuses on Approach to Localized Renal Masses and Cancers

AUA review consolidates and updates two earlier documents into one evidence-based document

May 6, 2019/Uncategorized

The View from the AUA’s Departing Secretary (Video)

Manoj Monga, MD, assesses urology's opportunities and challenges

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