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July 27, 2023/Multiple Sclerosis

Reproductive Issues and Multiple Sclerosis: 20 Frequently Asked Questions

The disease is not a barrier to pregnancy, but risks from disease-modifying therapies must be managed

June 24, 2021/Genomics

Breastfeeding Cuts Ovarian Cancer Risk in BRCA Mutation Carriers

Other reproductive and hormonal factors found protective

20-WHI-1958471 CQD Centering Pregnancy_650x450_640882174
October 19, 2020/Patient Care & Treatment

Prenatal Group Program Improves Pregnancy Outcomes

‘Centering’ approach lowers rate of preterm birth and increases breastfeeding

20-PAI-1885621 CQD Truan_Post-Cesarean Pain and Breastfeeding_650x450_147318731 (1)

Following Cesarean Delivery, Postoperative Pain Affects Likelihood of In-Hospital Breastfeeding

Study finds postoperative pain is associated with early breastfeeding, length of stay and postpartum depression


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December 28, 2018/Research

The Link between Delaying Newborn Bath and Rates of Breastfeeding

The difference 12 hours can make

April 13, 2018/Clinical Nursing

Unit Focuses on Physiologic Labor and Birth

Nurses help women have natural birth without interventions

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