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June 30, 2023/Digestive/Case Study

Complex Diverticulitis Case Highlights Importance of Second Opinions

Input from specialists and other healthcare providers is important when discussing quality-of-life improvement options

rectal cancer
May 8, 2023/Cancer

Total Neoadjuvant Therapy Shows Better Complete Response Rate for Rectal Cancer

The retrospective study also identified predictors for which patients would likely achieve a complete response from TNT

22-DDI-2684108 ESD after TNT DIAGNOSIS Hero 650×450
April 5, 2022/Cancer

Total Neoadjuvant Therapy Followed by Endoluminal Submucosal Dissection for Colorectal Cancer: A Case Report

Case highlights potential benefits of this staged, dual-therapy approach

August 17, 2021/Cancer

Case Report: Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection for Colorectal Polyp

Endoluminal surgery provides new treatment options


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Endoluminal Surgery
April 6, 2021/Cancer

Conscious Sedation for Endoluminal Colorectal Procedures a Game-Changer

“It’s better for everyone,” surgeon says.

20-DDI-011 Hemorrhoids 650×450

Hemorrhoids: The Definitive Guide to Medical and Surgical Treatment

Physicians and patients should discuss risks, benefits, expectations

October 19, 2018/Cancer

When Technology Enhances the Technique: Robotic-Assisted Surgery for Rectal Cancer

Improving outcomes with minimally invasive surgery

January 15, 2018/Digestive/Q&A

When is ESD the Right Option for Colorectal Lesions?

A Q&A with Emre Gorgun, MD

September 24, 2015/Digestive/Research

Bundled Care Program Cuts Colorectal Surgical Site Infection Rates in Half

Innovative approach successful in addressing issue

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