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23-CNR-3578672-CQD-Hero-650×450 Dr Pennell
March 28, 2023/Research

Move to Next-Generation Sequencing of Non-Squamous Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer a Life Saver with Minimal Additional Cost

Lack of appropriate testing remains a barrier for patients eligible for targeted treatment

breast cancer patient
February 28, 2023/Cancer

Optimizing Care for Those With Genetic Predisposition to Ovarian and Breast Cancer

A well-prepared team meets the distinctive needs of patients at hereditary high risk

August 22, 2022/Research

Distinct PHTS-related Breast Cancer Genomic Characteristics Discovered

Findings support need for personalized disease management

22-CNR-3103108-CQD-Hero-650×450-LRI flip
August 9, 2022/Research

Tumors with Specific Genetic Mutations Show Response to Immune Checkpoint Blockade Therapy

Pathogenic POLE/POLD1 mutations lead to improved response to immune checkpoint blockade therapy


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21-EYE-2340059 CQD Cured fractions of uveal melanoma_Arun Singh
September 13, 2021/Cancer

Biopsy and Adjuvant Therapy May Help Improve Mortality Rate in Uveal Melanoma

Patients with genetic mutation need more than ocular treatment

January 9, 2018/Immunologic Diseases

Mosaicism and TNFR-Associated Periodic Syndrome (TRAPS)

Second case ever reported highlights complexity, rarity

16-HRT-144-GeneticsCardiomyopathies-CQD-650×450 (2)
March 8, 2016/Genomic Medicine

Study Finds Common Genetic Mutations in Dilated and Peripartum Cardiomyopathies

A breakthrough in understanding peripartum cardiomyopathy

January 25, 2016/Research

Genetic Mutations Discovered That Drive Inherited Leukemias in Older Patients

Cleveland Clinic researchers contradict notion that most adult myeloid neoplasms occur sporadically

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