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September 8, 2023/Research

Black Residents of Historically Redlined Areas Have Increased Heart Failure Risk

Large database study reveals lingering health consequences of decades-old discrimination

illustration of failing heart against ECG background
June 29, 2023/Electrophysiology

Heart Rhythm Society Guideline Addresses Cardiac Physiologic Pacing for Heart Failure

Indications and issues concerning cardiac resynchronization therapy, conduction system pacing

illustration of heart and lungs with text
May 4, 2023/Outcomes

Vital Stats From Our Heart Failure and Electrophysiology Programs

Our latest volume and outcomes data in two key subspecialty areas


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22-HVI-2731158 CQD Vitals Infographic 1
May 24, 2022/Outcomes

Vital Stats From Our Heart Failure and Electrophysiology Programs (Infographic)

Get a glimpse of our latest volume and outcomes data

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A New Take on Heart Failure: Emerging Interventional Approaches

Snapshots of four interventional therapies in clinical testing

September 30, 2021/Cardiac Surgery

CABG Is Possible for Patients With Heart Failure, With Appropriate Precautions

Cleveland Clinic team shares guidance, including use of backup mechanical support

Heart Failure and Mental Health
June 10, 2021/Research

Quality of Life and Mental Health in Patients with Heart Failure

Nurses should emphasize importance of self-care management

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