Case Report: First UK Experience with Ultra-Low Temperature Cryoablation for Ventricular Tachycardia Shows Promising Results

In the first case of its kind in the United Kingdom, Cleveland Clinic London consultant cardiologist Magdi Saba, MB BCh, MSc, MD, and his team used a combination of ultra-low temperature cryoablation and radiofrequency ablation to successfully treat a patient with ventricular tachycardia and severely thickened left ventricular walls.

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Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery Minimises Recovery Time and Reduces Postoperative Pain

An 82-year-old patient with severe osteoarthritis of the hip resumed playing golf and tennis less than three weeks after having hip replacement surgery at Cleveland Clinic London. While recovery from conventional hip replacement usually takes six to eight weeks, anterior hip replacement surgery provides a quicker recovery that is typically less painful because no muscles are cut during surgery.

Crucial Concepts in Managing Patients with Metastatic Bone Disease

When a patient with a history of cancer presents with musculoskeletal pain, heightened awareness of the risk of bone metastasis should prompt immediate referral to an orthopaedic specialist. A multidisciplinary approach is needed to identify an appropriate treatment plan based on prognosis, fracture status and extent of skeletal disease.

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