Cleveland Clinic Cancer Advances 2023

CAR T-cell therapy

The Future of CAR T-Cell Therapy

Welcome to the 2023 spotlight edition of Cancer Advances, exploring the latest research and clinical advances in hematology and oncology.

Each day, we strive to find innovative ways to improve the quality of life for those with cancer. By integrating clinical and hospital care, Cleveland Clinic serves as a resource for oncologists and hematologists around the globe treating patients with a wide array of cancers.


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Pioneering Research

Tumor Oncology

MRI May Be Best Tool for Tumor Staging and Detecting Bilateral Disease in Invasive Lobular Carcinoma


Evolutionary Games Have High Stakes in Treatment-Resistant Cancer


Quantifying the Prevalence of Neoplasia in Young Adults Undergoing Diagnostic Colonoscopy

Advancing Patient Care

Blood Cancers

Addition of CAEL-101 to Anti-Plasma Cell Dyscrasia Therapy May Have Long-Term Benefits in Patients with AL Amyloidosis


Gamma Knife for Brain Tumors: Latest Developments and What’s on the Horizon


PSMA PET Scan Improves Treatment for Patients With Prostate Cancer

Case Studies

Radiation Oncology

Aggressive Daily Radiation in Breast Cancer Survivor with Angiosarcoma: A Case Study

Blood Cancers

Hairy Cell Leukemia Complicated by Severe COVID-19: A Case Study

Breaking through Barriers in Cancer Care

News & Insight

Taussig Cancer Institute Chair Brings New Vision for Clinical Research

New chair of Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center discusses his vision for improving equity of clinical trials and more
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