Endocrine Surgery

Ablation surgery image

Efficacy of RFA for Symptomatic Thyroid Nodules Validated by Objective Questionnaire

Radiofrequency ablation significantly reduces symptom severity, shrinks nodules

giant prolactinoma

Surgical Management of Giant Prolactinomas

Analysis examines surgical resection of rare pituitary tumors

Thyroid nodule

Cleveland Clinic Creates New Program for Minimally-Invasive Treatment of Thyroid Nodules

The program uses thyroid nodule radiofrequency ablation to treat patients who want to be proactive with their care

May 4, 2020/Cancer

Study Finds a High Rate of Intra- and Post-operative Conversions to Total Thyroidectomy

A significant number of patients initially referred for unilateral thyroid lobectomy end up needing complete thyroidectomy


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Computerized tomography images of a patient with 3 liver metastases A treated with laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation.
January 22, 2020/Cancer

Laparoscopic Ablation for Neuroendocrine Liver Metastases

20 years of data suggest that ablation is a valid treatment option


Autofluorescence Improves Identification of Parathyroid Glands During Endocrine Surgery

Prospective study demonstrates value of technology beyond what can be seen by the eyes


Validated Patient-Reported Outcome Measure for Parathyroid and Thyroid Disease

New tool may complement workup and treatment of parathyroid and thyroid patients


8th CRSA Congress: A Preview for Endocrine Surgeons

Cleveland Clinic Surgeon Eren Berber, MD, to lead Endocrine Surgery Session

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