Virtual coaching

Boosting Mental Health Access for Patients with Psoriatic Disease

E-coaching program is tailored for those with the disease


Predicting Anti-TNF-Therapy Responsiveness

Defect in myosin binding may explain why a significant percentage of patients do not adequately respond to anti-TNF therapy

Redness in the eye caused by anterior chamber inflammation
January 6, 2020/Ophthalmology

Can Patient-Reported Measures Aid Assessment of Disease Activity in Inflammatory Eye Disease?

Study assesses utility of patient-reported outcomes measures in uveitis and scleritis


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MyRheum: New Revelations on Patient-Reported Outcomes

Evaluating PROs in immune-mediated diseases

18-RHE-1128 Littlejohn Hero Image 650x450pxl

The Fever That Cries Wolf

Distinguishing the cause of fevers in patients with lupus


Gout Flare Frequency and Plasma Urate Levels

Relationship in patients treated with pegloticase

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