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January 25, 2024/Cardiology

AI Center to Advance Care for Congenital Heart Disease

Early projects include predicting cardiac arrest, kidney injury and low cardiac output syndrome after surgery

January 2, 2024/Critical Care

How the Acute Respiratory Care Unit Improves Care for Complex Patients

Lessons learned from cohorting patients and standardizing care

22-PUL-3153114 CQD-Complex Case 1-DrSimon Mucha650x450
October 10, 2022/Critical Care

Case Study: Severe Toxicity Immunotherapy Highlights Multidisciplinary Oncology ICU Care

Immune toxicity remains a diagnosis of exclusion, and multidisciplinary collaboration remains the cornerstone for early diagnosis and treatment.

September 12, 2022/Nurse Profile

Nurse Overcomes Career-Limiting Disability With Openness, Ingenuity

Caregiver thrives despite the challenge of profound hearing loss


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Neuropsychiatric Management of the ICU Survivor

Guidance for treatment, including the role of post-ICU recovery clinics

Medications in the ICU. Medicinal lines next to patient bed

Neuropsychiatric Assessment of the ICU Survivor

Guidance for recognizing and screening for post-intensive care syndrome

22-PUL-2725608 CQD Critical Care Among Disadvantaged Minority Groups 650×450
March 23, 2022/Research

New Findings Illustrate How Standardized Care Reduces Disparities in the ICU

A recent study shows how equitable care can be achieved

COVID-19 ICU bed
February 8, 2022/COVID-19

How Cleveland Clinic Used Regional ICUs to Alleviate COVID-19 Surges

Due in part to a unique infrastructure model along with consistent communication at all levels, Cleveland Clinic was able to remain agile in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic

March 23, 2021/COVID-19

How System-Wide Strategies Early in the COVID-19 Pandemic Improved ICU Outcomes

First study in the U.S. to compare COVID-19 outcomes with other ICU admissions

June 7, 2019/Nursing Operations

Relay for Life Team Ramps Up Efforts

Nurse-led ICU team has raised more than $30,000

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