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June 19, 2023/Urology

First-in-Human Study Shows Safety, Feasibility of UroMonitor

What it could mean for the future of ambulatory monitoring for bladder conditions

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March 24, 2022/Research

Machine Learning Is Predicting Outcomes in Patients With Overactive Bladder

Physicians explain findings from a recent study

September 13, 2021/Research

The UroMonitor Advances to In-Human Trials

First in-human-trial for diagnostic bladder disorder device


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February 5, 2018/Neurosciences

How Does Sacral Neuromodulation Work for Patients With Overactive Bladder?

Cleveland Clinic research team uses fMRI to assess real-time brain activity

January 8, 2018/Urology

Calming the Overactive Bladder: An Update on New Devices and Technologies Emerging

Will new or improved modalities help patients accept more invasive treatment?

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