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Study Identifies Gut Microbe-Derived TMAO as a Novel Mediator of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Findings hold implications for screening and potential nonsurgical therapy


Gut Microbes Directly Contribute to Stroke Severity

TMAO pathway impacts infarct size and functional impairment in preclinical stroke models


TMAO’s Prognostic Value Extends to Incident Coronary Artery Disease in Healthy Adults

Metabolite proves predictive in a large prospective cohort of apparently healthy subjects


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gut microbiome

$12 Million NIH Grant Aims to Drive Deeper Discovery of Heart Health/Gut Microbe Links

Hazen group to pursue research programs in atherosclerosis, thrombosis, obesity


Teasing Out the Role of Red Meat and TMAO in Cardiovascular Risk

Two new studies add insights and home in on therapeutic targets

18-HRT-4781-Gut microbes blue-650×450

Nonlethal Targeting of Gut Microbes Inhibits Thrombosis with Minimal Bleeding Risk

Mouse study shows most potent therapeutic ‘drugging’ of microbiome to date

Acute coronary syndrome (ACS)/chest pain

TMAO Proves a Potent Predictor of Events in Acute Coronary Syndrome

Study finds strong prognostic value even in patients with negative baseline troponin T

TMAO Implicated in PAD Mortality Risk

TMAO Implicated in PAD Mortality Risk

Gut microbe-dependent metabolite linked to another cardiovascular condition

Gut Microbe-Dependent TMAO Promotes Platelet Hyperreactivity, Raises Thrombosis Risk

Gut Microbe-Dependent TMAO Promotes Platelet Hyperreactivity, Raises Thrombosis Risk

Study raises prospect of new mechanism for preventing thrombotic events

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