Don’t Miss These Cleveland Clinic Head & Neck Institute Presentations at COSM 2023

Please join our staff as we participate in the following sessions at the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings, May 3-7, 2023

COSM 2023

Wednesday, May 3

8:15-9:00 A.M.
304/306 (Hynes)
AAFPRS Panel Discussion
Treatment and Management of Synkinesis
Patrick J. Byrne, MD, MBA – Presenter

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9:00-9:40 A.M.
304/306 (Hynes)
AAFPRS Keynote Presentation
Facial Nerve Gracilis Flap
Patrick J. Byrne, MD, MBA – Presenter

Thursday, May 4

11:05-11:10 A.M.
Ballroom B (Hynes)
Laryngology/Bronchoesophagology TRIO Session
Trends in Medicare Reimbursement for Laryngology Procedures between 2000-2021
Author List: Nicole Maronian, MD; Todd Otteson, MD, MPH; Robert Lorenz, MD, MBA; Michael Lerner, MD; Paul Bryson, MD, MBA

4:05-4:20 P.M.
304/306 (Hynes)
ARS Panel
Targeted Conversations on Important Topics: Perioperative Antibiotics During Sinus Surgery: What is the Evidence?
Troy D. Woodard, MD, FACS – Presenter

Friday, May 5

8:05-8:45 A.M.
Ballroom B (Hynes)
TRIO Panel
Revitalizing the Face: A Look at Advancements in Facial Reanimation
Patrick J. Byrne, MD, MBA – Presenter

9:25-9:35 A.M.
Ballroom B (Hynes)
Rhinology/Allergy TRIO Session
Troy D. Woodard, MD, FACS – Moderator

3:29-3:35 P.M.
Ballroom C (Hynes)
ARS Scientific Oral Presentations: Skull Base Surgery Outcomes
Emergency department visits following endoscopic skull base surgery: an opportunity for improvement
Neal Godse, MD, FARS – Presenter
Author List: Neal Godse, MD; Jakub Jarmula, MD; Varun Kshettry, MD; Troy D. Woodard, MD, FACS; Pablo Recinos, MD; Raj Sindwani, MD, FARS

3:39-3:45 P.M.
Ballroom A (Hynes)
ALA Scientific Session II – VocalFolds and Airway I
The Management of Refractory Chronic Cough with Bilateral Superior Laryngeal Nerve Block
Author List: Brooke Quinton, BS; William S. Tierney, MD, MS; Michael S. Benninger, MD; Victoria L. Gau, MD; Candace M. Hrelec, MD; Paul Bryson, MD, MBA

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Saturday, May 6

1:30-1:45 P.M.
304/306 (Hynes)
ASPO Panel
Hearing Through the Noise: Latest Evidence in the Management of Unilateral Hearing Loss
Samantha Anne, MD – Presenter

3:24-3:30 P.M.
304/306 (Hynes)
ABEA Scientific Session VI: Airway
Variation in Endoscopic Dilation for the Management of Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis
William S. Tierney, MD, MS – Presenter

Sunday, May 7

8:45-9:45 A.M.
Ballroom A (Hynes)
ALA Panel
Recalcitrant Airway Stenosis: The Battle for Decannulation
Robert Lorenz, MD – Presenter

11:36-11:38 AM
Ballroom B (Hynes)
ASPO Quickshot Presentation: Potpourri
Intelligence Quotient Testing in Children with Cochlear Implantation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Author List: Liliya Benchetrit, MD; Samantha Anne, MD; Shannon Wu, BA; Diya Ramanathan; Suzanne Sutliff; David Chi, MD; Ksenia Aaron, MD; Patricia Klaas, PhD

Poster Presentations

May 3, 1:00-7:00 P.M.; May 4, 9:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.
Exhibit Hall D (Hynes)
A057 Medicare Mark-Up Ratios for Common Facial Plastics Procedures, 2013 – 2020
Author List: James R. Xu, BS; Jessica Pham, BA; David Chong, BA; Peter J. Ciolek, MD

May 5, 9 AM-7 PM; May 6, 9 AM-6 PM
Exhibit Hall D (Hynes)
E013: Awake Tracheostomy: A Multiinstitutional Retrospective Study On Indications, Patient Characteristics, And Outcomes
Author List: Shady I Soliman, Andrew Yousef, Bharat A Panugant, John Pang, David O Francis, Ali Alattar, Samuel Wood, Morgan Terry, Paul Bryson, MD, MBA, Courtney B Tipton, Elise E Zhao, Ashli O’Rourke, Chloe Santa Maria, David R Grimm, C. Kwang Sung, Wilson P Lao, Jordan M Thompson, Brianna K Crawley, Sarah Rosen, Anna Berezovsky, Robbi Kupfer, Theresa B Hennes, Matthew Clary, Ian T Joseph, Kamron Sarhadi, Maggie Kuhn, Yassmeen Abdel-Aty, Maeve M Kennedy, David G Lott, Philip A Weissbrod

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E062: Temporomandibular Dysfunction And Voice-related Quality Of Life Impairment
Author List: Michelle Adessa, Jaehee Kim, Michael S. Benninger, MD

D067: Scoping Review of Surgical Rehabilitation of Post Intubation Phonatory Insufficiency (PIPI) aka Surgical Rehabilitation of Posterior Commissure Insufficiency
Author List: Ellen L. Ferrano, MD; Paul Bryson, MD, MBA; Robert Lorenz, MD; Michael S. Benninger, MD; Rebecca C. Nelson, MD; William Tierney, MD

D070: Surgical management of subglottic stenosis during pregnancy: a systematic review.
Katherine M. Miller, MD; Kevin Y. Liang, MD; Neil Nero, MLIS, AHIP; Michael S. Benninger, MD; Rebecca C. Nelson, MD; William S. Tierney, MD; Robert R Lorenz, MD, MBA; Paul Bryson, MD, MBA

D072: The Application of Superior Laryngeal Nerve Block for Non-Cough Laryngeal Complaints
Brooke Quinton, BS; Michael S. Benninger, MD; William S. Tierney, MD; Victoria L. Gau, MD; Rebecca C. Nelson, MD;Candace M. Hrelec, MD; Paul Bryson, MD, MBA

H004: Access to Speech Therapy and Hearing Rehabilitation in Children with Hearing Loss
Author List: Lacey Magee, MD; Samantha Anne, MD; Malek Bouzaher, MD; Yi-Chun Carol liu, MD, MS

H012: AD/HD Among Children with Hearing Loss
Author List: Diya Ramanathan, BA; Samantha Anne, MD; Pavel Kipnis, BS; Patricia Klaas, PhD; Ksenia Aaron, MD

Times are in Eastern Standard Time