Rheumatic Diseases

December 4, 2023/Cancer

First of Its Kind: Oncology Pharmacovigilance Clinic

Multidisciplinary care for patients with immune-related adverse events

Psoriatic arthritis
November 21, 2023/Rheumatic Diseases

Psoriatic Arthritis: Unlocking the Age Factor

Older Psoriasis Patients May Experience Quicker Transition

Mixed connective tissue disease rash
November 17, 2023/Rheumatic Diseases

A Little Bit of Everything: Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

Cleveland Clinic’s Rheumatic Lung Disease program treats patients with complex conditions

September 13, 2023/Rheumatic Diseases

Finger Nodules: Tip of the Gouty Iceberg

Some patients exhibit marked nodulosis due to undiagnosed tophi


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Rheumatology case conference meeting
January 18, 2023/Rheumatic Diseases

Weekly Case Conferences Make for Engaged Learning

A century-old medical tradition inspired the weekly complex-case reviews in Rheumatology

Severe gout
December 28, 2022/Rheumatic Diseases

Case Study: Mental Health and Socioeconomic Obstacles in Severe, Diffuse Tophaceous Gout

Multidisciplinary care may help clear barriers to treatment

psoriasis of the fingernails and psoriatic arthritis on white background
December 22, 2022/Rheumatic Diseases

Building a Personalized Medicine Approach to PsA Treatment

Genetic polymorphisms and response to TNFα blockers

yellow nail syndrome
November 23, 2022/Rheumatic Diseases

When Edema and Dyspnea Accompany Dyschromic Nails

Patient’s 2-year symptom history leads to an uncommon diagnosis

August 16, 2022/Rheumatic Diseases

Stoking Curiosity and Feeding Knowledge

Adam Brown, MD, shares his passion for solving rheumatologic mysteries

Athlete with knee injury
July 25, 2022/Rheumatic Diseases

Recognizing Rheumatic Disease in Injured Athletes

Where sports medicine meets rheumatology

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