First-in-Human Study Shows Safety, Feasibility of UroMonitor

What it could mean for the future of ambulatory monitoring for bladder conditions

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Microbiome, Mycobiome Differences Seen in Overactive Bladder

Could it unlock the potential for new approaches to treatment?

Medical illustration prostate tumor | Cleveland Clinic
May 3, 2023/Cancer

Robotic Radical Prostatectomy in Patients With a Hostile Surgical Abdomen

Using novel robotic approaches for a difficult-to-access prostate


Who Should Have a Radical Nephrectomy in This Era?

AUA guideline offers specific criteria for deciding between partial versus radical nephrectomy


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May 1, 2023/Cancer

AI-Generated R.E.N.A.L.+ Score Surpasses Traditional Methods for Prediction of Oncologic Outcomes

AI-generated model bests predictive abilities of human experts

What seems to be the problem?

Yes, Vasectomies May Actually Have Risen Since SCOTUS Ruling

Study finds a 35% increase in vasectomy consultation requests

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A Closer Look: Harvesting a Rectal Mucosa Graft Using the Single-Port Robotic System for a Substitution Urethroplasty

Cleveland Clinic surgeons describe a new technique for harvesting a rectal mucosa graft

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January 17, 2023/Urology & Nephrology/Urology

Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine Is Producing a High Percentage of Urology Residents

New study sheds light on national trends in urology residency, former CCLCM alum comments

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