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Congenital Disease

implantation of a TAVR valve

TAVR: An Important Option for Adults With Congenital Heart Disease

Cleveland Clinic case series demonstrates feasibility and safety in diverse patients


New Tool Refines Cardiac Surgical Risk Prediction for Adults With Congenital Heart Disease

Custom STS risk model improves ability to predict 30-day survival for a growing population


Pulmonary Valve Replacement: Update From a High-Volume Center

Advanced transcatheter options have expanded patient candidacy


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photo of 3D-printed pediatric heart with congenital anomalies

Ventricular Switch: A New Paradigm May Be at Hand for ‘Unseptatable’ Hearts

Refinements introduced to Cleveland Clinic-developed approach to a rare defect

anatomic illustration of heart with congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries (ccTGA)

In ccTGA, Early Anatomic Repair Edges Out Physiologic Repair in Long-Term Outcomes

Large Cleveland Clinic series underscores challenges of decision-making for this rare defect

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