Interventional Cardiology

angiograms of a percutaneous coronary intervention
December 22, 2023/Interventional Cardiology

Registry Study Shows Growth in Use of Carlino Technique for High-Complexity CTOs

While procedural success rates lag overall, they shine for retrograde crossing


Study Links Distal Target Vessel Quality With PCI Outcomes in Chronic Total Occlusion

Lower success rates, more hospital MACE seen with poor-quality distal targets

illustration of intracoronary brachytherapy
August 18, 2023/Cancer

Intracoronary Brachytherapy Shown to Be Viable Option for DES In-Stent Restenosis

Number of stent layers correlates with worse outcomes


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patient on gurney being rushed to emergency ward

Comprehensive STEMI Protocol Equitably Improves Key Care Process Metrics

Black and white patients realize similar gains following adoption of new protocol

January 18, 2023/Interventional Cardiology

Simple Measures for Cath Lab Radiation Dose Reduction Significantly Lower Exposure

Cleveland Clinic experience is applicable to other laboratories

22-HVI-3221311 CQD 650×450
September 22, 2022/Interventional Cardiology

PROTECTED TAVR Finds Reduced Rate of Disabling Stroke With Cerebral Embolic Protection

Results from largest randomized trial of the technology to date


Coronary Sinus Reducing Device: A New Option for Refractory Angina May Soon Be at Hand

Pivotal COSIRA-II multicenter U.S. clinical trial is underway

22-HVI-2918751 TAVR_650x450

Same-Day Discharge After Transfemoral TAVR Is Feasible and Safe in Appropriate Patients

Protocol promises to shape patient satisfaction, hospital resource utilization

22-HVI-2623150 CQD 650×450
February 28, 2022/Interventional Cardiology

INOCA: A Common, Dangerous, Often Overlooked Cause of Chest Pain

What to do when a patient’s ischemia is not due to coronary artery stenosis

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