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Case Explained: Ventricular Switch Performed on 2-Month-Old

In a case where many congenital cardiac surgeons would create univentricular heart circulation by combining both ventricles into one, Hani Najm, MD, opted for an alternative. The technique, which he describes here in a 2-month-old, restores biventricular circulation and avoids the collateral damage that accompanies univentricular circulation.

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Cleveland Clinic Fetal Surgeons Resect Rare Intrapericardial Teratoma

A multidisciplinary Cleveland Clinic team led by Darrell Cass, MD, has successfully performed a challenging fetal surgery to remove an intrapericardial teratoma that posed imminent lethal risk to a nearly 27-week-old fetus. Only one previous incidence of extended survival after fetal intrapericardial teratoma resection is documented in the world’s medical literature.