X-ray showing leg bones
March 6, 2024/Orthopaedics/Tumor

The Latest in Limb-Sparing Techniques for Pediatric Patients With Sarcoma

Biologic approaches, growing implants and more

Woman Receiving Radiation Therapy Treatments for Breast Cancer
October 7, 2022/Cancer

Crucial Concepts in Managing Patients with Metastatic Bone Disease

Early diagnosis and referral to a multidisciplinary team are essential

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March 18, 2022/Cancer

Team Reconstructs Sternum, Sternoclavicular Joints with a Cadaveric Femur, Aortograft and Ankle-Fixation Cord

Innovative construct restores function after resection of softball-size chondrosarcoma

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October 21, 2021/Cancer

Treating Retroperitoneal Sarcoma: A Team Approach Is Key

Multidisciplinary specialists, social workers and palliative care providers are valuable contributors


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21-ORI-2349759 CQD 650×450
October 19, 2021/Cancer

Reducing Wound Healing Complications After Resection of Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Studies investigate two potential risk-prediction methods

21-ORI-2349797 CQD 650×450
October 12, 2021/Cancer

Expandable Implant Helps Young Patient Retain Function After Resection of Femoral Osteosarcoma

Team prevents amputation and leaves femoral head intact

21-ORI-2350074 CQD 650×450
October 1, 2021/Cancer

Hypofractionated Radiation Shortens Time to Resection for Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Produces favorable oncologic outcomes, wound healing and quality of life

October 6, 2020/Orthopaedics/Tumor

Bridging the Gap: Solutions for Intercalary Long Bone Reconstruction

Why multidisciplinary surgical and cancer teams are essential

April 16, 2020/Cancer

Collaborative Musculoskeletal Tumor Initiative to Power a New Generation of Sarcoma Research

Cohort celebrates pilot program success and takes a look ahead 

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