Physiologic Lesion Assessment for PCI Guidance: Its Time Has Come (Video)

Dr. Stephen Ellis on how iFR moves the ball forward

Physiologic assessment of lesions in the cath lab is well established as being superior to angiographic assessment for guiding percutaneous coronary intervention, yet adoption of physiologic assessment with the traditional fractional flow reserve (FFR) technique has been modest.

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But two new trials of the recently developed physiologic index known as the instantaneous wave-free ratio (iFR) are likely to boost uptake of physiologic lesion assessment. Cleveland Clinic interventional cardiologist Stephen Ellis, MD, explains why in the 90-second video below.

For details of the trials mentioned by Dr. Ellis, see their full-length reports as published in New England Journal of Medicine (here and here) simultaneous with their presentation at the recent American College of Cardiology meeting.