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atherosclerosis in coronary artery

Untreated Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease Safe in TAVR Recipients, Study Shows

Support for a TAVR-first approach in patients with concurrent valve and coronary disease

illustration of aortic stenosis suggesting sex-related differences

Study Links Sex With Progression and Outcomes of Early-Stage Aortic Stenosis

Differences in pace of hemodynamic change signal need for sex-specific management


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Soft Robotic Model Replicates Patients’ Aortic Stenosis and Ventricular Dysfunction

Potential benefits include clinical guidance, TAVR outcome prediction, device testing

22-HVI-3200902 – CQD 650×450

Adjustable Soft Robotic Sleeve Mimics Complex Hemodynamics of Aortic Stenosis

Sophisticated in vivo modeling can enhance device development and therapy testing

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May 10, 2022/Geriatrics

Supplemental Calcium Tied to Increased Mortality and AVR in Older Patients With Aortic Stenosis

Observational findings over 5+ years of follow-up argue for caution in this population


Aortic Valve Replacement in Young and Middle-Aged Adults: New Data to Guide Decision-Making

Database analysis sets stage for a multicenter trial assessing TAVR’s potential role

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