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3D reconstruction of aortic root in congenital heart disease
May 16, 2024/Pediatrics/Cardiology

Personalized Surgical Planning for Aortic-Valve Sparing Operations in Children and Young Adults

Center uses advanced imaging techniques to optimize valve repair strategies


Program Offers Lifelong Congenital Heart Disease Care

Surgeons discuss the vexing issue of fragmented care paradigms

23-CHP-3889480 CQD Najm- AATS Presentation
August 15, 2023/Pediatrics/Cardiac Surgery

Novel Double-Shunt Procedure for Rare Congenital Heart Disease Precludes Infant From Heart Transplant

Case is first of its kind to obviate heart transplant successfully


New Pearls, Outcomes for Transconal Unroofing Procedure

Important additions to a novel surgical technique


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22-CHP-3174213 CQD-Najm-Erenberg-FetalCardiacCareProgram650x450 (1)

Advance Planning for Congenital Heart Defects Improves Outcomes

Team provides coordinated, multidisciplinary, patient-centered care for high-risk pregnancies involving a heart defect

September 29, 2022/Heart, Vascular and Thoracic

Case Explained: Ventricular Switch Performed on 2-Month-Old

Infant with complex congenital heart anomalies thriving after biventricular circulation is restored

22-CHP-3164082 CQD-Tretter-Najm-CCCValvePlanCtr650x450
September 19, 2022/Heart, Vascular and Thoracic

Congenital Heart Surgeon and Heart Anatomist-Imager Team Up To Improve Surgical Success

4-D imaging informs complex aortic valve repair in adult and pediatric patients

January 3, 2022/Pediatrics/Cardiology

Novel Surgical Technique Repairs Rare Coronary Artery Anomaly

Report details early outcomes of novel procedure

December 30, 2021/Pediatrics/Cardiology

Repairing Complex Valve Defects in Infants: Challenging, but Achievable

Repairing Complex Valve Defects in Infants: Challenging, but Achievable

21-DDI-2269958-Cass Intrapericardial CQD1_650x450 Hero
December 22, 2021/Digestive/Surgery

Cleveland Clinic Fetal Surgeons Resect Rare Intrapericardial Teratoma

Continued pregnancy and delivery are only the second successful outcome worldwide

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