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Analysis Documents Lingering Racial, Ethnic Gaps Despite Gains in National Stroke Quality Initiative

Target: Stroke yields more frequent and faster thrombolysis, but disparities remain for non-white population


Faster IV Thrombolytic Therapy Before Endovascular Thrombectomy Improves Stroke Outcomes

IV thrombolysis should not be delayed because of planned thrombectomy

22-CHP-3328148 Pediatric Perspectives-DrAly Stroke in ECHMO-650×450
November 15, 2022/Pediatrics/Neonatology

Stroke in Pediatric Patients During ECMO: Findings From a National Database Study

Study underscores the magnitude of stroke in pediatric ECMO patients


Advancements in Acute Stroke Therapies (Podcast)

New interventions and medications expand options, extend treatment window


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20-NEU-1951118_Impella-temporary-LVAD_650x450_ (1)
September 4, 2020/Neurosciences/Research

Study Finds Clues to Acute Neurologic Events With Short-Term Impella Cardiac Support

Suspected factors include antithrombotic intensity, time on device, presence of thrombocytopenia


Shorter Door-to-Needle Time Means Better Long-Term Outcomes in Acute Ischemic Stroke

One-year results from national database confirm enduring benefits


Research on tPA Nanoconjugate Aims to Extend Thrombolysis Benefits to More Stroke Patients

$2M NIH grant will help see if dual-action agent lengthens treatment window

Calcification (arrow) in the intracranial carotid artery of a patient with acute ischemic stroke
February 21, 2020/Neurosciences/Research

CT Angiography Analysis Reveals Clues to Ischemic Stroke Risk and Causes

Results from calcification volume quantification of intracranial and extracranial arteries

February 20, 2020/Neurosciences/Research

Exploring U.S. Stroke Epidemiology Across Demographic and Urban-Rural Divides

Database studies find risks related to race, insurance type, geography

20-NEU-062 mechanical-thrombectomy-for-stroke 650×450
February 20, 2020/Neurosciences/Research

Mechanical Thrombectomy for ELVO Strokes: Best to Stop at 3 Attempted Passes?

Study shows MRI infarct growth surges thereafter

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